Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's New? Oh, not much...

As I put in this collection of pictures from the past 6 months of our lives, I am reminded of why I haven't kept up on this blog...I'VE BEEN BUSY! In the past 6 months we sold our house, lived in a 2 bedroom apartment, purchased, remodeled and moved into our new house (not necessarily in that order), watched my daughter start kindergarten, watched my boys grow like weeds, played the part of the Tooth Fairy for the first time, and learned to referee fights between toddlers...which by the way is not easy because they do not have an official rulebook. Terri and I have faced challenges in our lives...but none greater or more important than the responsibility given to us by God to take care of our 3 children. Every day brings new surprises, new lessons learned, more things to fix (Eli and Owen are talented at breaking things), and at the end of the day...very tired parents. It's that good-kinda tired though, the kinda tired that comes from knowing that you've faced a challenge that day, win or lose, and that tomorrow you'll face more...ready or not.

Psalm 62:7 In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.

Jenna's first missing tooth...she couldn't wait to lose it and was very excited...she lost a second one about a week later. One more reminder she is growing up.

Whatever one does, the other one must follow. I wonder if they locked in those wheels?...Nope!

Don't feel too sorry for him, those are tears of anger, and that is a dirty look. Owen's scowl is going to get him in lots of trouble over the years.

Just two guys hanging out on the couch in their Christmas pj's watching a little "teebee". Eli loves to take the remote and change the channel...this doesn't make his Dad very happy.

Bath time!

She really has never met a stranger!

Owen hanging out with Great Papa at Papa's park...as far as my kids are concerned...Papa owns the entire city park.

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