Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st Birthday

WE MADE IT! It's another milestone for our family as Eli and Owen celebrate their first year. It has flown by and hasn't gone without its share of ups and downs. There have been more runny noses, dirty diapers, and bottles of formula than I could ever care to count. We have lived in a world dominated by blue's and green's (if it's green it belongs to Eli, blue goes to Owen...has anyone seen a blue pacifier!) We couldn't have made it without our "supporting cast"...all those who ever prayed for us, changed a diaper, provided Terri and I with a date night, or just lended an ear so we could vent! Thanks Mom and Dad, Gloria, Rich and Barbara, Carolyn and Tommy, Trish and David, Pastor Lopez and Denise, Missy, Ryan and Amanda (what?...did you say you would watch the boys...we'll be right there!), Dean, Deanna, Mallory, and even John (Dean, I look forward to my kids breaking many more things at your house), Mike and Emilee, Tara (if we're not talking about kids in our classes, we're talking about our kids at home) our Sunday School Class, all of the wonderful, patient ladies in the church nursery, and Beth Anne and Beca (your hours of babysitting provided sanity for my wife!).

If I had to list the top 10 most tired moments of my life they may have all occured in the past year...I thank God for all He has blessed us with...every up and every down, every tired moment, and one of the coolest years of my life!

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