Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They'll Be Here Soon

We had a very exciting day on Tuesday as the test to check the lung maturity of the boys nearly resulted in an emergency c-section. The amniocentesis caused Terri to start the early stages of labor and brought on some bleeding which we have been trying to avoid for the past 2 months. While doctors were debating on how soon we would be in surgery, God decided that everyone should wait a while...the bleeding stopped allowing everyone involved to slow down and re-evaluate our situation. The decision to go to surgery within an hour of our arrival changed to 4 hrs. and then finally to waiting until Wednesday around 11 a.m. We have been able to get some rest and are anticipating another exciting day and the arrival of Eli and Owen. Everyone is doing great at this point, and by the way, the amnio that got all of this started shows that the lungs are mature--another answer to prayer.

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